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Current and Former Doctoral Students

Current Doctoral Student

Jia Qi

Job Placements of Former Doctoral Students Upon Graduation:

Dr. Yingyi (Tracy) Liu (2023), Morgan Stanley, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Yu (Yulia) Zhang (2023), Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Dr. Marty Cotwright (2023) Athens, GA

Dr. Youngjoo Choung (2020), Data Scientist, Samsung Life Insurance, South Korea

Dr. Amy Hubble (2018), Principal Investment Advisor, Radix Financial LLC. Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Lu Fan (2017), Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Dr. C.W. Copeland (2012), Assistant Professor, The American College of Financial Services, King of Prussia, PA


Graduate Courses Taught

Graduate Research Seminar (FHCE 8901)

Advanced Wealth Management I (FHCE 6200)

Advanced Wealth Management II (FHCE 6205)

Advanced Estate Planning (FHCE 6220)

Behavioral Economics and Financial Planning for Families (FHCE 6270E)

Research Methods II (FHCE 8050)

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Introduction to Personal Finance (FHCE 3200)

Computer Applications in Financial Planning (FHCE 3260)

Retirement Planning (FHCE 4210)

Wealth Management I (FHCE 4200)

Wealth Management II (FHCE 4205)

Capstone in Financial Planning (FHCE 5250)

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